Stories, mystery, and math go well together... A welcome addition

T H E   A D V E N T U R E S   O F

Ruby Pi and the
Math Girls

T H E   A D V E N T U R E S   O F

Ruby Pi and the
Geometry Girls

Young adult fiction featuring gambling, bandits, swordplay, probability and Bayes’ Theorem. An English teacher hopes to engage students with colorful STEM adventures.

In this outstanding collection, Tom addresses the chronic problem of our young women dropping out of STEM studies. His stories lend adventure to scientific thinking.

(Tanzeela Siddique, Math Instructor).

A collection of adventure stories featuring young heroines at turning points in history who use math to solve colossal problems. 


Smart girls take on buried secrets, villains, tanks, mysteries, codes, and economics to save their people. “Stories, mystery and math go well together… a welcome addition.”

(Jeannine Atkins, author of “Grasping Mysteries: Girls Who Loved Math”).

Astronaut Sally Ride called the “persistent gender gap in STEM fields a national crisis that will be deeply detrimental to America’s global competitiveness.”   


“Children ages 10 to 12, especially girls, are the most susceptible to being ‘pushed off the track’ of pursuing science by negative stereotypes.”

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Geometry Girls
Graham Van Goffrier Third-year PhD candidate, ​theoretical neutrino physics​

Written with a skillful hand and with the kind of attention to detail that will grip an ambitious teenager.

Tanzeela Siddique Math Teacher

“Sasha with the Red Hair” is thoughtful and surprising, like all Tom’ s stories. Exceptional… a family drama disguised as an adventure.

The adventures of Ruby Pi and the Botany Girls
Books Coffee’s Reviews

The construction of Durwood’s stories is complex, but the messages they carry are straightforward: Durwood’s focus stays on the relentless struggles for identity and self-discovery. Clever… His deeply realized characters are sketched with precision and care.

Geometry Girls
Rob Hull Software Engineer, Defender Association of Philadelphia

Wonderfully geared to the YA audience. The protagonists demonstrate that STEAM careers are historically interesting, with plenty of room for smart, strong men and women.
A fun and adventure-filled ride!

Pam Lecky Historical Fiction Author

In this modern age as we face so many challenges, it is more important than ever that we embrace science and technology. Anything that encourages girls to take up STEM subjects is to be lauded.

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    Exceptional. A family drama disguised as an adventure.