New Release

The Illustrated ‘USG in China’ and Other Stories

A Collection of Young Adult Historical Adventures


Poison and pistols, thieves and treachery, bandits and naval battles, opium addicts and mysterious Caliphs and love triangles — readers will find it all in this richly illustrated collection of short stories.

Will the daughter of the first farmer save her mother from the clan’s hunters? Can young Ning Po save “Uriah Ess Grant” from assassination and pull China back from the brink of war?

President Grant’s little-heralded trip around the world is the setting for the title story in Tom Durwood’s collection of old-fashioned adventure fiction.

New Release

The Illustrated Boatman's Daughter

A Collection of Young Adult Historical Adventures


Timing is everything. In the summer of 1874, sixteen-year-old Salima wishes desperately to escape her mundane life on the Nile. As the world flocks to Egypt for the construction of the Suez Canal, the great waterway which will join East and West, Salima emerges into a world swirling with powerful imperial forces. Against all odds, Salima and her friends Emilie and Mikal (and Salima’s beloved collie, Fadil) stand against the empires who seek to colonize Egypt.

New Release

The Illustrated Colonials

Heroes coming of age… and changing history.


Six rich kids from around the globe join the Bostonian cause, finding love and treachery along the path to liberty. A new perspective one on of history’s most fascinating moments.

Amply illustrated edition of a young-adult historical fiction novella. Unique entry into the robust universe of graphic novels and illustrated books. An attention-getting front-list literary property featuring multicultural characters and settings. Classic adventure of enduring quality designed to backlist.

A celebration of America from a new global perspective, The Illustrated Colonials features a wealth of original illustrations by rising artists Cristina Pritelli, Mai Nguyen, Simon Gardner, Timothee Mathon, Lorenzo Natale, and others. The story’s dramatic visuals range from painterly portraits to storybook landscapes and moody cinematic action sequences. Innovative design by Dennis Umaly of Javelin Design.

An entertaining adventure that revisits the original spirit of the American Revolution as well as its global impact.